Social Security Disability and Obesity

Early this year the Social Security Administration published the final rules in the “Federal Register” which revised the rules of how medical evidence is evaluated in obesity-related disability claims. These evaluations come 18 years after the SSA removed obesity from its Listing of Impairments in 1999.

Today the SSA will consider obesity under the impairment listings only if the claimant can prove that 1) its limitations are equivalent to those in an impairment listing or 2) it causes or contributes other listed impairments. A social security attorney in Orange can help you understand how your obesity may be considered as an impairment under the SSA evaluation guidelines. Contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen to get the legal guidance you need. Read on to understand how obesity could meet the above stipulations and be considered an impairment.

If obesity causes an individual to not be able to walk effectively, this could be an example of equaling an impairment listing. Obesity is often linked to a number of medical conditions in the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems and to diabetes, hypertension, gout, sleep apnea, gallbladder diseases and some cancers. If you suffer from obesity and have any of these other related conditions you may qualify for disability benefits under the second stipulation. Check to see if your conditions meet the listing criteria for covered conditions.

The Social Security Administration will also determine how the effects of obesity may worsen your ability to function with your other impairments. If obesity exacerbates certain related conditions the SSA will take that into consideration when determining your eligibility for disability insurance.

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