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Helpful Links

approved SS benefitHelpful Links for Disabled:  the links below contain information about aspects of the disability process, governmental and legal resources and medical links.


Advocacy & Program Information

These agencies and nonprofits have web sites that provide a vast amount of information, both about disability law in general, and also about advocacy strategies to protect the rights of disabled people.



Congressional Records are a rich source of information for civic engagement, and for an indication of how your representatives are voting:


Departments and Agencies

Each of these agencies provides the regulatory structure for the department it controls.  Much of what happens in government is managed by the regulatory process, this is where the details are that make the gears of the country function.


Federal Courts

The Federal Courts are the appeal of last resort for a Social Security claim, after the administrative hearing and Appeals Council Review. This page links to local courts around the country, and provides links to current opinions from these courts on many topics.


Federal Register

The Federal Register is the place where all federal agencies post proposed regulatory changes and final rules, policies and regulations, after public comment and review.

Medical Resources


Labor Market Data – Work Incentives – Labor Law

Attorneys representing individual employees in cases involving employment discrimination, wrongful termination, employee benefits and other employment-related matters

  • ESI – Employment Support Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • O*NET – Occupational Information Network – Dept. of Labor (eventual DOT replacement)


Other Resources


Social Security

SSA Regional offices:

SSA Field Office Locator:

SSA Offices by Specific States:


Attorney Referrals by State and Region

  • Alabama –

o    Bruce A. Haught, P.A. –

  • California –

o    (Bay Area) Pat Kelly –

o    (San Jose, Monterey, Salinas) Angelina Valle –

  • Colorado –

o    (Denver) Thomas A. Feldman –

  • Florida –

o    John F Sharpless – and

o    Bruce A. Haught –

  • Hawaii –

o    Danielle Beaver and Frank Ury –

  • Illinois –

o    (Chicago, N. Suburban area) – Jeffrey A. Rabin –

  • Kansas –

o    (Kansas, Missouri) Grundy Disability Group –

  • Kentucky –

o    Paul Baker –

  • Maine –

o    Jackson & MacNichol –

  • Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC –

o    Alan Nuta –

  • Massachusetts –

o    Jackson MacNichol –

  • Michigan –

o    (Ann Arbor) Elizabth Warren –

  • Minnesota –

o    Nancy Coyle-Strahan –

  • Mississippi –

o    Davis-Morris Law Firm –

  • Missouri –

o    Grundy Disability Group –

  • New Hampshire

o    Jackson & MacNichol –

  • New York –

o    (Brooklyn, Manhattan) Daniel Berger law –

  • North Carolina –

o     (Charlotte) Lynn Bishop –

  • Oklahoma –

o    Ramona S. Hanson –

  • Ohio –

o    (Columbus) Mitchell + Pencheff, Fraley, Catalano &

  • Oregon –

o    (Portland) Martin R. Cohen –

  • Pennsylvania –

o    Norfleet & Lafferty, LLC –

  • South Dakota

o    Johnson & Christensen Law Office, PC –

  • Tennessee –

o    (Chattanooga) McCarthy, Murphy & Preslar, PC –

  • Vermont –

o    Jackson & MacNichol –

  • Washington 

o    (Tacoma) Kenneth Gormly –

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