Why was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied?

Many people throughout the United States apply for Social Security Disability benefits every year, only to find out that their claim has been denied. In fact, only a select group of disability benefits applicants will actually receive social security disability benefits the first time around. Fortunately, however, in the event your claim for benefits is denied, you may have some legal options open to you, including appealing the claim denial with your insurance company.

If you are pursuing social security disability benefits in the State of California, it is important to have skilled legal counsel on your side every step of the way. An experienced social security disability benefits lawyer can answer all of your legal questions and help you pursue the benefits that you need.

Common Reasons for a Claim Denial

There are numerous reasons why the SSA might deny your claim for social security disability benefits. Some of the most common reasons for a claim denial include the following:

  • You make too much – In order to be eligible for social security disability benefits, you cannot earn more than $1,220 per month from your job – an amount that the SSA considers “substantial gainful activity,” To be eligible for these benefits, you have to be unable to work, and you will not present a compelling case if you are earning a significant income and/or working numerous hours per week.
  • Insufficient medical proof of disability – In order for you to be eligible for social security disability benefits, a long-term injury or illness must prevent you from working in any capacity and at any job. Your medical records must also indicate that you cannot work due to your disability. Typically, a primary care doctor must state, in written form, that your injury or illness keeps you from working. Consequently, it is important that you have an experienced medical doctor on board in your disability benefits case. Otherwise, it is extremely likely that the SSA will deny your claim for disability benefits. A history of medical records that consistently refers to your disability can be good for your case.
  • Failing to follow the course of medical treatment that your doctor suggests – If you fail to follow the course of medical treatment that your doctor suggests (including suggested medications), there is a very high likelihood that the SSA will deny your application for benefits. This is because a doctor cannot state that you are unable to work if you are not even willing to follow your prescribed treatment plan. However, there are some legitimate reasons for not following a treatment plan, including lack of money to pay for the treatment, significant fear of a medical procedure (including a surgery), religious beliefs that prohibit a certain course of treatment, and mental illness.
  • Failing to communicate or allow access to your medical records – The SSA could also deny a benefits claim if the applicant fails to communicate with the SSA or refuses access to medical records.

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