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Whether you need a Social Security attorney, personal injury lawyer, criminal defense attorney, workers compensation lawyer or any other legal services, you need a law firm in the greater Los Angeles area, including the areas of Garden Grove & El Monte, CA, you can count on. At the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen, we are ready to help you work through a wide variety of legal issues, whether you need a lawyer for a Social Security disability appeal or an immigration attorney so you can move forward with your life. While we specialize in functioning as workers compensation injury attorneys and personal injury attorneys, we are also able to litigate cases in a number of other areas to ensure our clients get the representation they deserve.

Help for the Injured and Disabled

As a Social Security Disability lawyer, personal injury attorney and workers compensation attorney, we are ready to help you fight for the money you deserve due to your injury or other disability by serving as your Social Security disability benefits lawyers. We want to make sure every client has the representation they need and is vigorously represented when they hire a lawyer for their Social Security disability appeal. Most people are unaware of the best way to approach their case, so it makes sense to hire a firm that is full of Social Security attorneys who specialize in these kinds of cases. Our team provides a full array of legal services to the greater Los Angeles area, especially in the Garden Grove & El Monte areas, and our team of dedicated and passionate lawyers are ready to help you navigate your case and make the best possible choices.

Assistance with Other Legal Issues

We can also help with other areas of law to ensure you get the legal help you need to get the best possible outcome. We are also able to assist you with litigating cases in the following areas:

We know firsthand how difficult and complex the legal system can be when you try to navigate it on your own. We are here to provide the counsel and guidance you need to make the right choice and to make sure you receive the settlement you are owed for your case, not just the number your insurance company or employer, thinks you should receive.

Don’t Go It Alone

Many people find they need quality legal counsel every day and have no idea of where to turn. When you decide to contact our office, you can count on being assigned a specialized lawyer who can help you navigate your case, which means you don’t have to try to find your way through the legal system all on your own. You will find our firm has a wide variety of specialists under one roof, including worker’s compensation lawyers, estate planning attorneys, employment law lawyers, an immigration attorney, and more. The first step that is necessary to undertake when you would like to retain our services is to schedule a consultation. This allows us to discuss the specifics of your case and determine what the next logical step may be. In addition to the above services, you will also find a Social Security attorney, personal injury lawyer, criminal defense attorney and wills and trusts lawyers. We are here to guide you through the entire process and give you access to resources in the community. If you have questions, even after your case is closed, we are here for you. We also can assist you with Medicare in the Anaheim, Buena Park, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Westminster, Orange, and Stanton areas.

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We understand how tedious it can be to face your legal issues on your own. This is why we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our staff as soon as possible. During your appointment, we will discuss what you expect from your case, as well as all of the details so you can feel confident you will get the best possible outcome for your case. We take great pride in treating each of our clients with the respect and care they deserve. Our staff will treat you with a gentle demeanor, helping to guide you in the right direction. If we feel you won’t win your case, you can expect our honest opinion to ensure you don’t waste your time.

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“I focus on intelligent legal representation and pledge to listen to and communicate with clients. Those values translate to a commitment to managing and litigating my client’s case, to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction, while delivering optimal results through an appropriate Verdict or Settlement.”

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