Common Workplace Accidents And Injuries

By Norman Homen | October 31, 2016

Workplace accidents can cause injury, work delays, lost revenue and compensation, and many other short and long term damages. Unfortunately, many workplace accidents are preventable but occur due to negligence by a company or institution. Here are the top 10 preventable workplace incidents and tips on how to avoid them. Overexertion Injuries: Physical overexertion injuries…

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Repetitive Motion Work Injuries

By Norman Homen | December 7, 2015

A popular belief among workers is that work-related injuries are caused by single work accidents. But this is not the case since some work injuries can take months or even years before it becomes evident. These types of injuries are often the result of repetitive actions such as crouching, bending or even typing. If you…

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Welcome To Our Blog

By Norman Homen | October 27, 2015

Stay tuned for the latest Social Security Disability news and updates from Norman J. Homen.

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