Can my Doctor put me on a Disability?

Pursuing and receiving Social Security disability benefits can sometimes be a difficult task. The person who is trying to obtain the benefits has the burden of proof in the case. In most circumstances, the applicant must be able to establish that a long-term or permanent injury/illness prevents him or her from taking part in a substantial gainful activity. In other words, long-term illness or injury must prevent the individual from working in most any capacity.

To be successful in recovering Social Security disability benefits, it is important that you have a knowledgeable and experienced healthcare provider on board in your case. Specifically, the healthcare provider must be able to establish, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, that your condition prevents you from engaging in substantial gainful activity.

In addition to having a qualified healthcare provider by your side throughout your case, if you are pursuing Social Security disability benefits, it is equally important that you have a knowledgeable San Jose social security disability attorney by your side.

At The Law Offices of Norman J Homen, we can assist you with gathering the necessary medical documentation in support of your disability claim and with filing a claim on your behalf. Moreover, if your disability benefits claim is denied, your lawyer could assist you with filing an appeal and pursuing the disability benefits that you need from the insurance company.

Steps You Can Take to Get a Qualified Medical Provider on Board in Your Case

When it comes to getting a qualified medical provider on board with your Social Security disability benefits case, there are certain steps that you can take. First, you should prepare for your upcoming medical visit with the healthcare provider.

Also, prior to your medical visit, you should prepare a list of all the limitations which you are currently experiencing and which you believe prevent you from working in any capacity. In other words, you should be able to educate your doctor on the specific limitations that you are facing – and from which you suffer – on a daily basis. Finally, you should ask your healthcare provider to prepare a statement to the Social Security Administration outlining your specific limitations and how they prevent you from working.

Submit a Claim for Disability Benefits

When you submit a claim for Social Security disability benefits, the claims package should contain the letter from your doctor and any other pertinent medical documentation which relates to your limitations. In many cases, Social Security disability benefits applications are denied because they do not contain sufficient medical documentation in support of the disability claim.

If your claim happens to be denied on the first go-around, then you will have an opportunity to file an administrative appeal with the insurance company. As part of that administrative appeal, you can attach additional medical documentation, including a supplement from your healthcare provider, in support of your disability claim. A Social Security disability benefits attorney in California can assist you with submitting your claim or appealing any claim denial.