Can You Work While on Workers’ Compensation?

Many people often ask, can you work while on workers’ compensation? After all, if you are being paid because your injuries mean you cannot work, you might naturally believe that you are not allowed to. However, given that you are not receiving your full salary while receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you may not feel that you have a choice. Find out what your entitlements are below. 

Working While Receiving Workers’ Compensation

As you are receiving compensation for your injuries to give you time to heal before resuming normal duties, you may think that you cannot work during this time. However, you technically can, as long as you are abiding by the restrictions outlined by your doctor.

For example, if your job involves heavy lifting and you sustain a back injury, you will not be able to do that job until your doctor gives you the all-clear. During that time, you may receive temporary disability benefits and medical care. Your employer may choose to put you on light duties if possible. If your salary decreases, workers’ compensation may bridge the gap until you can resume your old job.

Working Multiple Jobs

If you have always worked multiple jobs, then you can continue doing so when you become injured in one of them and start receiving compensation. However, these jobs must not be any that go against a doctor’s instructions. For example, if you were injured lifting heavy items in a warehouse, you would not be able to work in a second job that also required you to lift heavy items. If you are unsure, check with a work injury attorney or workers’ compensation official.

Trying to navigate the world of workers’ compensation in California can be daunting. For some, it can also be confusing. Schedule a free consultation with a San Jose workers’ compensation attorney so that you can understand your rights and requirements while you heal from your injuries.