Estate Planning: Most Common Mistakes When Making a Will

After a loved one has passed away, the grief alone for a family is overwhelming. Adding legal and property issues on top of that grief can be very stressful for many families—which is why it is important to connect with an estate planning lawyer in Anaheim to create a legitimate will.

Without a proper estate planning lawyer in Anaheim, mistakes with your will can easily occur. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Not Keeping the Will Up to Date

At the very least, you should meet with your estate planning lawyer once every 5 years. Ideally you should update your Will more frequently because of complex relationships or financial problems that are constantly changing. In order to apply provisions you wish to make, you need to update your Will by meeting with your estate planning lawyer in Anaheim frequently.

Understanding Impact of Marriage & Divorce

One of the many complex relationship changes that can affect your Will is a marriage or a divorce. Unless it is specifically worded, a Will signed prior to marriage will not be valid. If you or a beneficiary of your Will has been involved in a divorce, it is wise to visit your estate planning lawyer and edit your Will accordingly.

Appointing the Wrong Trustee

It is usual practice to appoint at least two Trustees when you make your Will. This puts a lot of trust and responsibility in those beneficiaries—so it is important to choose wisely. If you create trusts for infants or a beneficiary with a disability, then specific considerations should be given to managing the inheritance. Your estate lawyer in Anaheim can help you with these considerations.

Not Having It Signed Correctly

Even if you have your Will all planned, it will not be legal unless you physically sign it and have it witnessed correctly. There are various technicalities in relation to the actual signing and witnessing of your Will. The correct categories of people must be present, and your estate planning lawyer in Anaheim can help you to make sure everything is legitimate.

Create a Will so your family can focus more time on coping with their loss and less time stressing over legalities. If you are looking for an estate planning lawyer in Anaheim, The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen has the professional lawyers you need to confidently guide you through the estate planning process. Contact our office to create your Will today!