Social Security Benefits For Family Members

82 years ago this month, the Social Security Act was signed by President Roosevelt to help people meet their basic needs during vulnerable times in their lives when they cannot provide for themselves. But social security disability benefits aren’t only for those who are injured or disabled, family members are eligible as well. The family members that can claim these benefits include survivors, spouses, and children and are eligible for up to 50% of the worker’s monthly social security disability payment – which is based on their covered earnings.

The amount that family members can receive is limited, however. It is dependent upon the amount that the worker receives as well as the number of family members that qualify on your record, typically 150-180% of the worker’s disability benefits. This was determined by Congress in 1980 when they passed the Family Maximum Rules because some families were more well-off from receiving social security benefits than they were by actually working.

If the spouse of an injured or disabled worker is caring for their child who happens to be under the age of 16, they are eligible for benefits until the child reaches 16. Eligible children can be biological, adopted, stepchildren, or a grandchild if they are dependent on a grandparent.

The government has made filing for social security disability benefits a difficult process – forms are complicated, wait times are long, and claims often get denied. If your loved one has been injured or disabled and cannot work, you may be in need of a social security lawyer Anaheim to help you and your family get the social security benefits you deserve. Contact the Law Offices of Norman Homen today to discuss your case with a social security lawyer Anaheim. Our goal is to provide injured clients and their families with the best results in a timely and cost-effective manner. For over 16 years, our social security lawyers Anaheim have remained dedicated to the rights and welfare of injured and disabled clients.