What if I Don’t Agree with the Doctor about How to Treat my Workers’ Comp Injury? 

Individuals who suffer injuries while they are working at their job often have to seek medical treatment. In addition, they may be eligible to file a claim for various workers’ compensation benefits.

Sometimes, an injured worker might not agree with a medical report that a treating physician provides. When that happens, there are certain steps the injured worker can take. In addition, if you suffer an on-the-job injury, you should speak with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer near you as soon as possible. Your lawyer can work to safeguard your legal rights and pursue all of the benefits you deserve.

Steps You Should Take if You Disagree with a Doctor’s Findings

Sometimes, injured workers disagree with a doctor’s reported findings. If that happens to you, your first stop should be to ask your primary treating doctor about it. In some instances, different doctors simply have differing medical opinions regarding a diagnosis, the cause of a particular injury, and the type of work that you can do after sustaining that injury.

You should keep in mind that you do have a right to challenge a doctor’s diagnosis and opinions – and to obtain another doctor’s opinion. The way in which you go about this will depend upon whether you are receiving medical care within a healthcare organization (HCO) or a medical provider network (MPN).

Steps to Take if You Receive Treatment in an MPN

If you receive your medical treatment in an MPN and you want to contest the treatment that a doctor prescribes for you, you might consider changing to a different doctor who practices within the MPN. Your employer or their insurance company must provide you with the necessary information about how to make this change if you wish to do so.

If you are unable to come to an agreement with the new medical provider, you have the option of obtaining opinions from a maximum of two additional doctors who practice within the MPN. Moreover, you have to make an appointment to visit with these doctors within a period of 60 days after the claims administrator provides you with the list of available doctors. If you fail to make the necessary medical appointments within this 60- day time period, you could lose the right to obtain opinions from these providers.

Finally, if you receive a second and third opinion that you do not agree with either, you have the option of obtaining an independent medical review. The Division of Workers’ Compensation will arrange this review for you. If the reviewing provider agrees that you need additional medical treatment for your work injuries, you have the option of receiving that treatment from a doctor who practices independently of the MPN.

Speak with a Work Injury Lawyer Near You Today

If you don’t agree with a doctor’s findings or recommendations, a Garden Grover worker’s comp lawyer in your area can help you take the necessary steps to address that problem. Your lawyer can then help you pursue the additional treatment and benefits you need due to your work-related accident and injuries.