Who Is Most Likely To Be Injured At Work?

According to data from the reputable Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 2.7 million non-fatal injuries were reported by private industry employees in 2020. If you ever wondered in which profession people are most likely to become injured, you have come to the right place. In our article, we will look at who is most likely to be injured at work.

Should you have recently sustained injuries while working, you might want to consider filing a workers’ compensation claim. If you’re unsure about the process or want your claim to be processed quickly and efficiently, you might want to talk to a skilled Garden Grove workers’ compensation lawyer. A lawyer can ensure your paperwork is in order and help you get the evidence you need to prove your injuries were caused at your workplace so that you can obtain workers’ comp benefits.

Who Is Most Likely To Be Injured At Work?

Although it might be incredibly difficult to believe, according to recent data, employees in state-run hospitals and nursing homes suffer from the highest rates of on-the-job injuries in America. This means that the people working in healthcare suffer more injuries annually than those working in policing or construction.

It’s estimated that out of every 100 employees working at a state-run hospital or nursing home, roughly 12 suffer non-fatal workplace injuries each year. In comparison, it’s approximated that 8 out of every 100 workers are hurt each year at construction jobs, and 6.2 out of every 100 employees at public order and justice jobs are hurt annually.

Yet, it’s important to note that private hospitals and nursing home nurses, and healthcare professionals don’t sustain as many injuries as their state-employed counterparts.

What Are Three Common Workplace Injuries And How Much Do They Cost Workers’ Compensation In The US?

Below we have briefly listed three of the most common workplace injuries and how much these injuries are estimated to cost workers’ compensation each year. Suppose you have sustained one of the below injuries. If this happens to be the case, speaking with a workers’ compensation lawyer can be beneficial. A lawyer can help you with the claims process to ensure you can recover while receiving financial assistance.

1.    Overexertion

Arguably, one of the most common injuries workers experience is overexertion. Although this might not seem like an injury, it is, and it costs workers’ compensation a whopping estimate of $13.7 billion each year.

Overexertion often happens when workers lift, push, pull, carry, hold, and throw objects routinely for long hours each day. Interestingly, according to the Workplace Safety Index, overexertion accounts for around 23.5 percent of workers’ compensation costs.

2.    Same Level Fall Injuries

In most professions, same-level fall accidents are common because they can happen anywhere and to anyone. Often workers will slip on loose wires, slippery or wet floors, open cabinet doors, or objects in the workplace.

Often fall accidents can leave employees with minor or major injuries, which is why it’s unsurprising that these injuries cost businesses billions of dollars each year. Some of the most common fall injuries include broken bones, fractures, mild to severe TBIs, and neck and shoulder injuries.

According to data, it is believed that same-level floor injuries account for about $11.2 billion in workers’ compensation annually.

3.    Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many professions require employees to perform the same repetitive motions throughout the day, which often leads to repetitive motion injuries. For example, nurses must move and lift patients each day multiple times a day for their comfort and safety.

Additionally, many people in administrative and manufacturing jobs also have to perform repetitive motions each day. Some of the common repetitive motion injuries include muscle strains, sprains, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is believed that repetitive motion injuries account for approximately $1.5 billion annually, an estimated 2.6 percent of the US workers’ compensation costs.

Get In Touch With A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today To Speak About Your Rights

Regardless of where you work, you could be eligible for worker’s compensation if you have been injured while working and meet the eligibility requirements to receive benefits. If you have been injured at work, it might be best for you to consider hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer to establish what your best course of action will be to receive financial assistance.

Even if you don’t qualify for workers’ compensation, you could have alternative legal options. With the help of an attorney, you will have a much higher chance of obtaining funds for medical bills and lost income while you focus on recovering.