Injured At Work?

No one wants to get hurt while on the job. However, if one does there are protections in place to make sure the injured person receives the fair compensation they deserve. If you have been injured at work and need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Orange contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen right away. Here are a few important steps to follow if you’ve been injured at work.

Notify A Supervisor

As soon as you are able to you should notify your supervisor or employer about the injury and the way in which it occurred. Exact and accurate details will be important as you will likely have to fill out paperwork later on. An injured employee who fails to notify their supervisor within 30 days of the accident may lose his or her right to worker’s compensation benefits, so acting fast is extremely important to your case.  

Consultation With A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Orange

If you’ve been injured on the job it’s important to seek legal advice from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Orange. A lawyer will be able to assess your injury and the circumstances in which it occurred and determine whether or not you will be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Determining this by yourself can be tricky as you probably aren’t familiar with the legal issues involved in such a claim. Seeking legal counsel will help you determine your eligibility and should improve the strength of your claim.  

File A Claim

If a workers’ compensation lawyer in Orange thinks you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits then you will want to start the claims process right away. The claims process can be tricky, which is why many people file with the help of an attorney. An attorney, such as those at the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen, will give you the best chance of success in filing your claim.  

If you’ve been injured at work contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen right away. We will help you fight for your rights to fair compensation. Call us today for a free case evaluation.